Wonderbirds New Fashionable & Affordable GLASSES! + Alex Best & Dr Tracy Mountford! | Wonderbirds Episode 77

In today’s show, we discuss all things GLASSES!! 👓 We have the privilege of welcoming Alastair Taylor who’s the Head of Product at Glasses Direct to introduce their amazing Home Trial service! ✨ You can try their wonderful frames at home free of charge, in Glasses Direct’s home trial! Check it out here: bit.ly/33QyTyj Our Favourite Frames were: ✨Dee's fave frame - Sophia: bit.ly/3hNQ0pu ✨Debbie's fave frame - McQ - bit.ly/2RVh1wx ✨Sherrie's fave frame - Arabella - bit.ly/3hUOAtc ✨Harriet's fave frame - Arabella - bit.ly/3hUOAtc We also have Dr Tracy Mountford on with some remedies for Varicose Veins & Alex Best in for a makeup bag catch-up! 💄 Thanks so much to Glasses Direct for partnering with us in this episode! #ad #gifted

Posted by Wonderbirds - Show on Wednesday, September 23, 2020