Live on Facebook & YouTube every Tuesday and Friday at 4:30pm - Plus Saturday Specials! As seen on Lorraine, This Morning, Sky News.

The Wonderbirds Show is the creation of actresses Debbie Arnold, Dee Anderson, Sherrie Hewson and Harriet Thorpe.

On the eve of lockdown these friends had a zoom call which was so hilarious they decided that they should publish it online.

They immediately contacted all of their celebrity friends to see if they would appear on their new chat show entitled Wonderbirds and the response has been overwhelming.

In just a few months the show has had over 23 million impressions on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

Messages and emails have been pouring in from fans and followers with stories of how Wonderbirds have changed their lives.

So this is just the beginning, and Wonderbirds are here for you.

"I will always be grateful that the Wonderbirds show came into my life when it did. Through their show, Harriet, Dee, Sherrie and Debbie have had such a positive impact on my life and I would not have got through lockdown as successfully as I did without them"

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Saturday Nest Guest

"The Wonderbirds are incredibly strong, talented, caring, generous and dedicated women who have achieved so much through this wonderful show. They are are an absolute inspiration and have brought so much happiness, hope and laughter to so many people" "What Harriet, Debbie, Dee and Sherrie have achieved through creating Wonderbirds is extraordinary; they are an absolute inspiration and have brought laughter, hope and happiness into my life through incredibly difficult times"
Our partnership and promotions with the Amazing Wonderbirds show has been incredibly rewarding, with very real and tangible marketing results having been achieved through the numerous projects that we’ve collaborated on with their team. We recently had a big response to a specially co-branded Wonderbirds Celebrity Special offer case of Artisan wines for Christmas. They have exposed our young brand to important new high value celebrity customers and importantly have opened many new doors for our business development at a level we simply could not have achieved without their support. Their creativity and constant genuine enthusiasm for doing the absolute best for their clients, is far beyond our experience with any other media partner. They truly are Amazing Wonderbirds! We look forward to continuing a long and profitable relationship with them in the future. Sherril Soliman
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